If this is your current scenario

Probably you have often wanted to have a system that allows you to manage the pathologies in your daily practice and manage your research tasks at the same time. And you surely have wanted to do it with the same data model as your colleagues, so you can produce studies and publications with them.

However, you might be using a tool which, in spite of investing a lot of time in data input, the scenario is the following:

No feedback of relevant knowledge.
The information systems have been integrated into the health systems, but the investments in cost and time required to capture the data are not proportional to the knowledge that emerges from those systems.
Lack of specificity of the information systems.
Hospital services require specific solutions to manage their day to day clinical aspects. However, hospital information systems are not oriented to the needs of each clinical area.
Management of daily clinical practice is disconnected from research.
The link between daily clinical practice and research is needed and it's a requirement for all healthcare and industrial professionals, scientific societies, and other stakeholders. Regulatory challenges and the different ways information is treated in those two settings result in a barrier.
Isolated usage of information.
Clinical practice information is managed individually, without the possibility of extracting grouped knowledge about the pathologies from a country or a region. Scientific Societies, industry and Public institutions require this information to face the new challenges of the healthcare: aging, chronicity and cost-effectiveness of treatments.
Solutions in specialized clinical departments are highly disconnected from each other (hospital to hospital) and often even performed by homemade solutions with simple Excel files, and where the addition of an intelligence layer linking medical records and medical research is nonexistent.

You would be happy using ClinicaaL®

ClinicaaL® is a disruptive and secure Digital Health platform for the management of pathologies in the daily clinical practice. 

Our unique platform combines data capture & data management technology, with advanced Big Data tools, to improve the continuum of care and to boost significantly the research capabilities of your hospital department, working group or institution.

The ClinicaaL® ecosystem enables the generation of relevant knowledge regarding important pathologies like Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes . . . based on information from daily clinical practice.

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