Daily clinical practice management

We know that to manage any pathology you need more clinical specificity than is offered by your HIS (hospital information system). For that reason, you are probably using a personalized solution or a homemade database, that: (1) is difficult to update (in terms of cost or time); (2) is not well valued by your Hospital IT team; and (3) doesn’t allow you to work on research projects with colleagues from other Centers.

ClinicaaL® has been created to solve that scenario. ClinicaaL® is a very useful platform oriented to manage specific pathologies (or group of them) facilitating the follow-up of your patients. As a consequence, you will be able to produce more communications, publications and studies.

Can you imagine how this works when you are using it with your colleagues in your Working Group or Scientific Society?

The ClinicaaL® cycle

ClinicaaL® works in a simple and natural way as a continuous improvement model. The platform captures data via electronic forms or from other sources and validates each variable with ranges, rules, edit checks, etc. Then, you can use multiple Data management tools, provided by ClinicaaL®, to analyze the information (statistics, filters, export modules).

If you are using ClinicaaL® with your Working Group or Scientific Society, by using the Data management module, research tools or specific algorithms, you will be able to generate incredible knowledge. Finally, those insights can be used by your Healthcare Community to propose new processes to improve the management of the pathologies (including them in the system).