Disrupting collectively:

Your Working group or Medical Society will receive amazing benefits using ClinicaaL® collectively. Every member of your Group will be able to manage the daily clinical practice regarding a specific pathology (e.g. Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Crohn’s Disease, etc.) or a group of pathologies (e.g. Arrhythmias) and generate retrospectives, publications and other useful results from that information.

Every hospital works with its own database, using a common data model with colleagues. In this way, the possibilities of increasing the scientific production of your Organization grow exponentially.

If you have doubts about security, privacy and other legal aspects, please contact us. We have extensive expertise and we have implemented simple processes and agreement models to obtain the required approvals and to launch successful and impactful projects.

Disrupting individually:

If you are looking for a secure solution to manage the patients from your Clinical Unit without any technical infrastructure (just your web browser) you would be happy using ClinicaaL®. Additionally you will be able to re-use the data captured for your Congress communications, publications and studies.

See below the differences between using ClinicaaL® with your Working Group (or Medical Society) or just alone without being part of any collective project.